EXERCISE 2b: Difficulty of Interpreting

Topic Progress:

Suppose that you are in a situation like Amy and Carol in the library, where the interpretation is inaccurate, what should you do?  First, consider the following situations and determine whether an intervention is necessary at all.  For this exercise, you will need to download the exercise file separately and keep this window open to view the associated video below.

Scroll down to the bottom to select the button to download the exercise file.

The exercise file will open in a new window on your browser. 

Download the file to your computer.  If necessary, select “Enable Editing” in your word processing program.

Keep the exercise file open in a separate window while watching the associated video below.

Complete the exercise and submit it as directed by your instructor.

Select “Mark Complete” at the bottom when you  have completed the exercise.

Use the green Program Navigation button on the right green_button to navigate to WATCH: Choice Point 2.

Each question has an ASL clip. To start the clip, click the Play button or just click on the image. The image will play full screen, then a new screen will appear showing what the interpreter said and a more accurate interpretation. Use your answer sheet in the exercise file to rate the urgency to correct the interpreter’s error.

Should you intervene? To determine the level of urgency to correct the interpreting error, consider:

How much will this error affect the outcome of this event or the way that the Deaf people are perceived?

Recognizing the difference between supporting a close friend, a casual acquaintance and someone whom you have never met, consider the variations in your answers by completing the chart in the exercise file.  Explain the choices you made.

Consider the urgency of intervening (Important, Optional, Unnecessary)

according to your relationship with the signer (Close Friend, Casual Acquaintance, Stranger).