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  • CLASSIFIERS: A Closer Look: Full Curriculum

    Classifiers: Full Curriculum

    CLASSIFIERS: A Closer Look by Patricia Lessard New Third Edition Available Now! Our best-selling, comprehensive curriculum for teaching visualization and classifier skills is now in its Third Edition. We completely overhauled all the lab material. It is no longer provided on CD-ROMs; instead, it is now accessible on any computer or device connected to the…

  • See What I Mean: Differences between Deaf and Hearing Cultures – Online Program

    This program, originally on DVD, has been converted to an online format. *
    After purchasing, log in and select “My Programs” for the link to the program.
    Since 2001, this classic program has been illuminating differences between Deaf and hearing cultures.  And although technology has changed at warp speed, most of the cultural comparisons portrayed are still valid.
    *Select “Contact” above to request the program in DVD format.


  • Interpreting in Mental Health Settings – DVD


    by Kathleen Duffy and Dan Veltri Preview clip from Interpreting in Mental Health Settings DVD and Teacher Guide. 50 minutes – Presented in spoken English, ASL with voice over and open captions © 1997 Treehouse Video ISBN 1-932501-60-6 Price $69.00 plus shipping and handling This video covers important areas of concern for interpreters and therapists…