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A Sign of Respect is a series of online programs used in ASL and Deaf culture classes.  Purchase includes access to all parts of the program. Students will typically use Part 1 in one course (e.g., ASL 1 or Deaf Culture), Part 2 in their last semester of the Deaf Studies program or in an Interpreter Preparation Program, and Part 3 when they are soon to graduate from an Interpreter Preparation Program.  Students cannot purchase access without a Class Group Code.  Your instructor should announce the code to your class.  If you are an instructor, select “Contact” above to request more information.

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A Sign of Respect: Strategies for Effective Deaf/Hearing Interactions
by Thomas Holcomb and Anna Mindess

“A Sign of Respect” now has 3 Parts!

PLEASE NOTE:  You must have a Class Group Code in order to purchase this program from our website.  If you don’t have a Class Group Code, your instructor will need to contact us to set one up for your class.  Please see your instructor for assistance.  At some schools, the instructor has set up Group Codes for purchase at the bookstore.  Again, see your instructor for assistance.  If you have purchased a Group Code from the bookstore, go back to the home page and select “Have a Code from the Bookstore.”  If you have already purchased this program and used parts of it in a previous course, you do not need to purchase again.  Go back to the home page and select “Renewing Your Access?”

A SIGN OF RESPECT: STRATEGIES FOR EFFECTIVE DEAF/HEARING INTERACTIONS is a series of  interactive programs designed to help ASL and Deaf Culture students become more comfortable and confident about attending deaf community events.  When students purchase a subscription they are automatically added to the instructor’s class.  The instructor’s access is free and provides a dashboard with views of all the students’ activities and exercises.

The program has three parts.  Ask your instructor which part you will be using in class.