Interpreters: Let’s Talk About Us


This program is divided into eight sessions. Some of the sessions are conducted in ASL (marked with *) and some are in spoken English (marked with **). The sessions conducted in ASL may be viewed with or without captions. Use the captions button on the lower right of the clip to turn captions on or off. For sessions in spoken English, captions are permanently displayed. To view the videos full screen, click the icon in the lower far right corner.
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Read the Introduction and Meet the Participants sections first, then view all the remaining modules.  Each module consists of:
Read the Scenario (the topic that was read by the participants before the session was recorded)
View the Session – a video of 3-4 interpreters discussing the topic
Discussion Questions – a series of questions to ponder upon reading the topic and viewing the recorded session.

CERTIFIED/LICENSED INTERPRETERS: You may earn 0.8 Professional Studies CEUs by viewing this program and completing a set of study questions.  Please select the Instructions and Discussion Questions for Interpreters button below to download the file with the Discussion Questions and instructions.

Please note: There is an additional $15.00 fee for CEU processing.  Do not pay this fee until AFTER you have completed and submitted the Discussion Questions. Select the CEU Processing Payment/Evaluation Form button below to make the payment and complete the evaluation form.

INSTRUCTORS/GROUP LEADERS: Please select the Instructor Guide button below to view and download the Instructor Guide file below for suggestions for leading discussions after viewing each scenario.

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Introduction/Learning Objectives/How to Earn CEUs


Meet the Participants


Interpreters: Let’s Talk About Them*




You Don’t Mind, Do You?**


This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us**


Messages are Hard!**


It’s All About Me…Isn’t It?**


I Come, Bearing Gifts*


Processing Takes Practice*