DEMO VERSION A Sign of Respect Series

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Welcome to the DEMO version of  the A Sign of Respect series!

This demo version contains a total of 6 interactive scenes, two from each part in the series, each with a few sample readings and exercises.

Select the links below to view the material, or use the green Program Navigation button green_button to the right to go a different scene, reading or exercise at any time.

The A Sign of Respect programs are structured just like this. 

Each program is a semester-long, full curriculum divided into scenes with exercises, readings, assignments and the ability to set up group discussions among your students.

Part 1 is intended for beginning students (ASL 1 or 2).

Part 2 is intended for advanced ASL or beginning interpreting students. 

Part 3 is geared toward students soon to graduate from Interpreter Preparation Programs.  

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