Dan Veltri has been providing workshops for interpreters since 1985. He is a member of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers. All of the workshops below are accredited by the RID’s Certification Maintenance Program. Contact Dan to discuss setting up a workshop in your area.

in Mental Health Settings

Interpreters in mental health settings must deal with potential role conflicts and balancing the rights of the client with the needs of the service provider. In this workshop, we will explore the interpreting profession and relationships between interpreters and the Deaf community. A major portion of the workshop will be spent looking at and practicing ways to negotiate roles and working relationships through analyzing videotaped vignettes and role plays. These vignettes will highlight six areas of concern for interpreters: linguistic issues, content issues, resistance issues, staff interpreter issues, transference, and pre- and post-sessions between the interpreter and the therapist. We will also address issues specific to working in hospital settings and interpreting for psychological tests.

Sign-to-Voice: Discover the Joy
This one-day workshop explores a practical approach to team interpreting for ASL-to-English presentations. We discuss negotiating styles, preparation strategies, and monitoring performance, among other issues. Participants are divided into interpreting teams. The workshop uses videotapes as well as invited guests from the Deaf community to provide presentations in ASL.

Team Interpreting
This is a one-day workshop, co-taught with Patty Lessard, on how to effectively work with another interpreter in stressful situations. We explore viewing the team as not only the interpreters but also the Deaf and hearing consumers involved. Participants are divided into interpreting teams and videotapes are used for practice.

For more information or to schedule a workshop for your organization, contact Treehouse Video.