Classifiers Self Study Program 4: Visualization and Mental Rotation

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Treehouse Video is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities.  Classifiers Self-Study Program 4- Visualization and Mental Rotation is offered for 0.5 Professional Studies (PS) CEUs at the Little/None Content Knowledge Level.


By the time you have finished working with this program, you will have:

  • practiced along with the texts, or independent of them, using all the major features of ASL covered in this program.
  • reviewed the form and function of classifiers in figure/ground relationships.
  • learned more about cinematic techniques often employed in ASL narratives.
  • more specifically, learned how ASL maps the elements of an event onto signing space simulating real world space.
  • further developed your understanding of Viewpoint and Perspective.
  • enhanced your understanding of Point of View.
  • practiced cognitive tasks, e.g. Visualization and Mental Rotation.
  • identified Non-manual Signals (NMSs) and distinguished between those that carry linguistic meaning and those that show affect.
  • recognized where a Role Shift takes place and identified the onset by a change in the signer’s eye gaze.


Once you successfully complete the quiz at the end of the program, you will be given instructions for submitting your Completion Code and optional Evaluation Form.  Upon receipt of this information, Treehouse Video will process and report your 0.5 PS CEUs to RID and send you a Certificate of Completion no later than the fifteenth day of the month following the month your materials were received.  For example, if you submitted your Completion Code and Evaluation form in March, your CEUs will be processed no later than April 15.  The report to RID and Certificate of Completion  will indicate the date your materials were received.


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Lecture – Dr. Marlon Kuntze “Guided Visualization”
Exercises – Driving in San Francisco*, My First Time Driving**
Analysis – Film Clip Analysis (Toy Story, 2nd version) with lecture by Dr. Marlon Kuntze
Activities – Map (3rd version), Visualization
*includes an audio version for English to ASL interpreting practice
**includes a script in pdf format for CDI English to ASL interpreting practice

ISBN 1-932501-26-6 (CLS4)

Reg. Price $49.00 each. Includes one CEU report per purchase.

Note: You are encouraged to share this material with your colleagues, but please be aware, only the purchaser of the program can earn CEUs. The fee for processing one report of 0.5 Professional Studies CEUs from RID is included in the purchase of this program. Please note, Treehouse Video is the only RID Approved Sponsor allowed to process CEUs for this activity.

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