Classifiers in Context: Program 1, Medical Contexts

Online format!
Interpreters, earn 1.5 RID Professional Studies CEUs when you complete this program.

Accessible to both Deaf and hearing interpreters seeking to enhance their skills!

Organized into Four Chapters with Practice Interpreting texts available in audio and print form.

This interactive program features a thorough review of terminology used in ASL research on classifiers as well as several ASL texts with activities, exercises and interpreting practice opportunities.

Topics include:

  • angioplasty
  • hernia
  • hammertoe surgery
  • broken collarbone
  • scleroderma
  • leg tumor
  • vision issues
  • heart surgery

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  • Explore the different types of classifiers used in texts related to medical settings and conditions
  • Learn what information they provide
  • Determine the vocabulary available in the ASL text that can be incorporated into your English versions and vice versa
  • Assess your ability to provide an equivalent translation in the target language
  • Detect instances of eye gaze which serve as both an indicator of Role Shift and as a device for indicating location or placement of animate or inanimate objects
  • Detect the changes in Viewpoint (camera angle) and Perspective (scale) evident in various texts
  • Recognize the various grammatical constructions in ASL
  • Assess your ability to understand a signer who may be affected by a medical condition or advanced age
  • Decide if you would need to work with a Deaf interpreter in order to understand the ASL signer


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