“A Sign of Respect” ASL Video FAQ

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What is unique about this educational product?

What’s the purpose of this DVD/Workbook?

Which level of class is this DVD/workbook appropriate for?

What’s in the DVD?

What’s in the Workbook?

How do I access the Workbook file?

What’s the structure of the workbook?

Is there an Instructor’s Guide?

Does the DVD have voiceover and captioning?

Can I use this DVD in a class with no interpreter?

How do I use this DVD in a class with an interpreter?

What are the bonus features on this DVD?

How can I get a FREE copy of the DVD/workbook set?

Should instructors purchase the DVD/workbook sets for their class?

Can students purchase a single copy of the DVD from Treehouse Video?

What’s the difference between the original and the redesigned workbook?

Can I buy just one DVD and make copies for all my students?

Do you have a document I can download with all these FAQs in English?

Free 60-day trial program available — download the form here.

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