Classifiers Self-Study Program 6 – Point of View, Part 2


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Lecture – Dr. Marlon Kuntze “Point of View”
Activities – POV stories, Bike Visualization (2nd version of each), 90-180-270 (3rd version)
Games – Bike Race Game, Ice Cream Game
Interpreting Practice – Acrobat Airplane*, Pep Talk*, Lessons Learned
*includes an audio version for English to ASL interpreting practice
and a script in pdf format for CDI English to ASL interpreting practice

Sign Language interpreters can earn 0.5 Professional Studies CEUs from RID using this CD-ROM. Based on the full curriculum, each program in this series is self-paced, provides instant feedback, and contains practice material for use beyond the scope of the training. Please note, the CD is compatible with all PCs running Windows and on Macs running no higher than OS 10.6.8. Although you could start with any of the programs, the series is cumulative, and your learning will be maximized by starting with the first program and using the others in numerical order.

ISBN: 1-932501-28-2 (CLS6)

Price $49.00 each CD

Note: You are encouraged to share this material with your colleagues, but please be aware, only the purchaser of the program can earn CEUs. The fee for processing one report of 0.5 Professional Studies CEUs from RID is included in the purchase of this program. Please note, Treehouse Video is the only RID Approved Sponsor allowed to process CEUs for this activity.

When you have completed a program successfully, a special code will appear in the program. You will be instructed to send this code in an email to Treehouse Video LLC. You will then be awarded 0.5 CEUs from RID.

By placing your order, you agree to the following Terms of Service:

I understand that the materials provided in this program are not to be copied to any computers except those owned by me.

I understand that these materials are intended for the purpose of my individual study and continuing education.

I understand that I can earn no more than 0.5 CEUs for each program, and that the CEUs cannot be awarded to me until I notify Treehouse Video LLC with my RID Member Number, the Completion Code that will appear at the completion of each program, and an evaluation form for each program.

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