Coming Soon – A Sign of Respect PART 3!











A Sign of Respect Part 3 is now in production, designed for students who will soon graduate from Interpreter Preparation Programs.
While we are working on it, you may click the link below to view a preview of “A Sign of Respect 2.”

A Sign of Respect is an online program used in ASL and Deaf culture classes.  The program is divided into two parts currently, and we will soon add a third part.

Students will typically use Part 1 in one course (e.g., ASL 1 or Deaf Culture) and Part 2 in their last semester of the Deaf Studies program.  Part 3 will be for students soon to graduate from an Interpreter Preparation Program. Students cannot purchase access to the program without a Group Code.  Ask your instructor how to get one.

The instructor’s access is free and provides a dashboard with a list of the students and views of their progress.

If you are an instructor, select “Contact” above to request more information.