NEW! We have converted another program in the Classifiers series.
Classifiers Self Study Program 7: Constructed Action is now online.
Interpreters, earn 0.5 RID Professional Studies CEUs when you complete this program.
You can access the material on any device connected to the internet, including tablets!
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Other online programs include:
Classifiers Self Study Program 1 (0.5 PS CEUs)

Classifiers in Context: Program 1, Medical Contexts (1.5 PS CEUs)

Do you need CEUs? You can get 0.1 CEUs FREE! Take the FREE ONLINE Classifiers Mini Course by Patricia Lessard. As we continue to convert the Classifiers: A Closer Look series to an online format, you can take this Mini Course and earn 0.1 PS CEUs FREE! Click here to get started!

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